Manual Lubrication Equipment

Field Greasers

Designed for field lubrication under the most exacting conditions
Strong and rugged
Builds up to 42 MPa grease pressure with minimal effort
Fits standard 15 kg pail of grease Alt. 18, 25, 50 kg
Supplied with 2 m of high pressure hose, grease nozzle and follower plate
Spares readily available

The HYCO 2001 Fieldgun is a portable, hand operated, high pressure dispenser of greases and heavy oils for use in conjunction with a standard 15 kg pail. Lubricant is delivered through a 2 m flexible hose fitted with a rigid tube and hydraulic connector.

Pressure 42 MPa, Weight 8 kg, Height 580 mm

Also available Rollercart version 15 and 50 kg

Bucket Pumps

Portable, utility grease pump
Capacity - 15 kg
Pressure - 42 MPa
Supplied with standard follower plate
Characteristics similar to Field Greaser, but requires decanting of grease for easy portability
Weight 11,5 kg
Height 680 mm and 540 mm

Foot Operated Pumps

A high pressure heavy duty lubricator foot-operated leaving the hands free for lubrication operation
No follower plate required
Air waves created by spring mechanism
Drawing down grease
Capacity - 10 kg
Delivery - 3 grams per stroke
Hose length - 2 metres
Pressure - 45 MPa
Weight - 12 kg
Height - 400 mm

Knapsack Compressors

A very useful piece of equipment for servicing nipples situated at a height, as on transformers and similar installations where the operator needs both hands free for climbing. Another use is where lubrication points are widely separated by rough territory, as met in many civil engineering projects such as dams, hydro-electric schemes and aerial ropeways.

Capacity - 5 & 10 kg Pressure - 21 MPa
Weight 10 kg

While the field greaser fits the conventional 15 kg grease bucket, all other manual equipment requires decanting of grease.

All the above equipment is made in RSA.

Hand Lever grease guns