Manual Drum Pumps

Semi Rotary

High output - various models deliver from 15 to 105 litres per minute
Models available in six different sizes and capacities pumping to different heads
Flexibility of application - can be mounted onto drums, tanks or in-line piping systems
Simplicity of design ensures maintenance-free operation

High capacity pumping of a wide variety of oils, fuels and other liquids.

T Handle

Made in RSA

Material: Mild steel or stainless for chemicals
Capacity: 0,5l/stroke; 20 - 25l/min
Weight: 6 kg
Dimensions: 1070 mm x 90 mm OD

Hyco Gear Oil Pump (3)
Measured stroke
Weight: 8.5 kg

Full Rotary

Fully rotary and reversible operations
Spring loaded rotor blades for positive displacement
2 BSP bung adaptor for drum mounting
Rigid suction tubes available in standard or special lengths
Spares and service readily available

High capacity pumping of a wide variety of oils and liquids.

Gear Oil Dispensers

Adjustable rotary action for controlled delivery
Smooth operation combined with positive displacement
Sturdy construction and pleasing design
Handles from the lightest to the heaviest gear oils
Capacity 15 litres
1,5 m long delivery hose with bent tip nozzle
Output (Maximum 2.5 turns = 350 ml & Minimum 1 turn = 100 ml)
Long lasting, maintenance free life
Weight - 11 kg
Made in RSA
Height - 680 mm

In addition to drum pumps displayed, many more models are available ex-stock.