Grease nipples

Grease cups

Oil cans

Oli guns

Oil leve gauges

Decanters steel & plastic

Easy out tools

Drip-feed Oilers

Connector Couplers Adaptors

High Pressure Guns
Roller Cart 210lt / 180 kg

Rollercart for 210lt or 180kg drums

Weight - 35 kg

Handle removable for transport

Quick Couplings

All Hyco and Hosemaster products are South African designed and manufactured to suit local conditions.

Shut-off Valve- Brass
Seal- Nitrile Rubber
Body and Sliding Cover- Brass
Other Parts- Steel

Zinc Plated, Blue Chromated

Max working pressure:
1.4MPa, (14 bar, 200 psi)

Air volume per minute: (Free Standing)
1350 l. at 6 bar (44516)
2500 l. at 6 bar (44521)
2800 l. at 6 bar (44531)